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Monday, November 17, 2014

SAARC is not prepared for new security threats

An interview with former Finance Minister of Nepal, Madhukar SJB Rana

Madhukar SJB RanaWhat are the achievements of SAARC so far?

SAARC’s most major achievement is that it has managed to survive despite the vicissitude of the India-Pakistan relations and the inability of their leaders to break out of the vicious grip of their national politics.

The second major achievement of SAARC is its institutionalization and establishment of a cost-effective modality for regional cooperation with full participation of all. A total of 10 Regional Centers have been created in addition to the South Asia University. This is no mean achievement.

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Nepal Spends Rs 2 billion for 18th SAARC Summit Preparation

SAARC Summit preparations are yet to reach the final stage, but the government has already incurred expenses of nearly Rs 2 billion to host the regional event.

While Rs 780 million has already been spent for the SAARC preparations, another 840 million was released later on by the Finance Ministry to various other ministries. Likewise, various government agencies received the finance ministry´s nod recently to spend additional amounts totalling about Rs 350 million for summit preparations.

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