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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Nepal Seeks SAARC Expenses, Finance Ministry Unconvinced

After months of finishing 18th SAARC summit in Kathmandu, Nepal government agencies have failed to submit ‘convincing details’ of their expenditure during 2014 Summit.

The delay has triggered speculations that there were financial irregularities which has made Ministry of Finance to stop release of Rs 24 million to Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) and Kathmandu Valley Development Authority (KVDA) and other govt agencies in Nepal.

Though the offices have claimed that they spent Rs 85 million and Rs 90.04 million for beautifying the city, KVDA under Ministry of Urban Development planted trees along the Tinkune-Maitighar stretch and construction of parks at Tinkune and Narayanchaur.

KMC Spokesperson Shanta Ram Pokharel said they are preparing the details of expenditure and will submit the details in 2-3 days.

Meanwhile, The finance ministry has also not released Rs 8 million spent by Dhulikhel municipality for the construction of two helipads in Dwarika Hotel Resort in Dhulikhel.
SAARC Summit was held  in November in Nepal's capital city Kathmandu and next edition will be held in pakistan.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WATCH LIVE - 18th SAARC Summit

Route Map of Kathmandu-Delhi Bus Service

The bus service will take about 19 hours to reach from Kathmandu to Delhi and travel fare will be around 4000 NRS.

PM Modi Handing Over Helicopter and Inagurating Ktm-Delhi Bus Service [VIDEO]

On the occasion of 18th SAARC Summit, India's PM Narendra Modi has arrived Kathmandu. He is handing over a helicopter to Nepal Army in a ceremony.

The key of the advanced featured helicopter was handed by PM Modi to Nepali Prime Minister Sushil Koirala in an even at Tudikhel, Kathmandu.

Modi Speech Highlights in Nepal during SAARC Summit

Modi speech highlights: Click here to watch full video

  • Modi announces INR 500'and 1000 notes upto 25,000 can be brought from india to nepal.
  • Soil testing techno system to be handed over to Nepal for development of agriculture.
  • Indian PM Narendra Modi urges #Nepali leaders to deliver constitution in time
  • Nepali leaders be more responsible and draft constitution as soon as possible
  • This trauma centre will strengthen Indo-Nepal relations: PM Narendra Modi at the inauguration of National Trauma Center in Kathmandu (Nepal)
  • He regrets for not being able to visit Lumbini, Janakpur and Muktinath this time.
  • PM Modi feels grateful for handing over Medical Center to Nepal
  • Ktm-Delhi Bus service to be operated with Wi-Fi internet if possible.

Trauma Center Being Inaugurated by Indian PM Narendra Modi

Modi speech highlights:

Modi announces INR 500'and 1000 notes upto 25,000 can be brought from india to nepal.

Soil testing techno system to be handed over to Nepal for development of agriculture.

He regrets for not being able to visit Lumbini, Janakpur and Muktinath this time.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Pic of 3rd SAARC Summit

This is the photo taken on 4rd SAARC Summit held in Islamabad, Pakistan on 29–31 December 1988 where 7 members were representing the meeting.
Pic source: Subin Shrestha
Pic of 3rd SAARC Summit held in Nepal attended by Late King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah representing Nepal. src: annapurnapost

12th SAARC Handicraft Expo 2071 Kathmandu, Nepal [Photo Feature]

SAARC Handicraft Exhibition was held from November 20 to November 24, 2014 at Bhrikuti Mandap, Exhibition Road, Kathmandu, Nepal. 

The 18th SAARC Summit is also going to be held at the same city from November 26th.

The exhibitiion was organized jointly by Government of Nepal (GON), the SAARC Cultural Centre in Sri Lanka and the Federation of Handicraft Associations of Nepal.

image source:

PM Modi to Gift Helicopter & Handover built Trauma Centre To Nepal

In upcoming visit to Nepal for attending 18th SAARC Summit, Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi is scheduled to handover a trauma centre at the heart of Nepal's Capital Kathmandu.

Also, Indian PM will gift an advanced light helicopter (ALH) named HAL Dhruv Mark-3, to Nepal which will be very helpful in emergency period too and will meet the requirements of both military and civil operators.

The keys of the helicopter will be handed over to Nepali Prime Minister Sushil Koirala who will then hand them over to Chief of the Nepal Army (NA) Gen Gaurav Sumsher Rana at a function organized at the Nepal Army Pavilion in Tundikhel.

The  200-bedded Trauma center was built with Indian aid of Rs.1.5-billion years ago for providing better medical facility to Nepali citizens.

Few years ago, Nepal had sought to expressed interest in purchasing two ALHs from India at a highly subsidised price at the 11th Bilateral Consultative Group meeting in Kathmandu in July.

The helicopter is designed to meet the requirements of both military and civil operators. Manufactured by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, the helicopter costs $6.5 million. It has already landed in Kathmandu Saturday.

Tthe helicopter which costs $6.5 million is well equipped with rocket, air-to-ground and air-to-air missiles and a gun turret.

The centre is equipped with advanced 150 beds, six operation theatres, 14 intensive care units (ICUs), eight resuscitation rooms and beds for emergency observation, 10 examination cubicles in the outpatient department and a triage area.

Rehearsal of 18th SAARC Summit Completes with Nepali PM Koirala

As a rehearsal for welcoming ceremony for the Heads of State and Governments of eight nations coming for attending the 18th SAARC Summit going to be held in Nepal's Capital completes with the presence of Prime Minister Sushil Koirala.

The 18th summit will start from November 26th, 2014 at City hall in the heart of Kathmandu.

The rehearsal of the welcome ceremony started from the Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) to Hotel Soaltee where the guests would be staying. The rehearsal was continued to City Hall from the hotel on Monday.

Even-Odd Traffic System for 18th SAARC Summit Affecting Life in Kathmandu

On the occassion of 18th SAARC Summit going to be held from November 26 to 27, 2014, the Government of Nepal (GoN) has made rule for operation of vehicles based on odd and even number plate system effective from Nov 24 to 28.

The numebring system is done on alternate days with the motive for reducing the traffic congestion in the capital's roads to tighten security for the 18th Summit of the South Asian Association fore Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

The new system for traffic system has halted the life of number of citizens due to reduction on number almost by half than on usual days.

Due to reduction on the number of public vehicles, passengers of Kathmandu are having hard time catching vehicles to work and heading offices. Also, the running public vehicles are carrying very large number of passengers due to which citizens are compelled to head towards workspace on foot.

The Metropolitan Traffic Police Division, Kathmandu stated that the odd and even number plate system which came into effect from the morning of Mangsir 8th, 2071 have not encountered any problems managing the traffic so far.

Some vehicles not conforming to the odd and even number plate system at sensitive areas of the capital were turned back while vehicles found violating this rule would be subjected to action from tomorrow.

Besides for general public vehicles, those used for essential services , the media, ambulances, mortuary vans, fire vehicles, vehicles used in blood transfusion services, vehicles carrying hospital and diplomatic mission staffs, vehicles carrying tourists and marriage ceremony can run freely.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Theme for 18th SAARC Summit, Kathmandu, Nepal

The theme for 18th SAARC Summit going to be held from September 25th in Nepal's Capital - Kathmandu has been set Adoption of ‘Deeper Integration for Peace, Progress and Prosperity'.

Nepal's Foreign Minister Mahendra Bahadur Pandey confirmed that the theme was declared as suggested by the Council of Ministers. Earlier, an advisory committee formed under former foreign minister.

Minister Pandey visited SAARC member states for extending formal invitations on behalf of Prime Minister Sushil Koirala few weeks earlier. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pandey visited India, Maldives and Sri Lanka prior to his flight to US for UN General Assembly on September 19.

Nepali Protests as Modi Reschedules Tour Cancelling Visits to 3 Places

People of Janakpur and other places in Nepal are protesting as soon as India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi's cancellation his scheduled visit to these towns spread.

PM Modi's visit to 3 different places was scheduled during his trip to Nepal to attend 14th SAARC Summit to be held in Kathmandu from November 26-27, 2014.

The Indian external affairs ministry confirmed the cancellation due to "unavoidable domestic commitments and pre-scheduled travels within" India.

During his last visit to Kathmandu last month, Prime Minister Modi had expressed a desire to visit other places in Nepal, including Janakpur, Lumbini and Muktinath.

There has been widespread interest in Prime Minister's schedule in the upcoming visit to Nepal for the SAARC summit.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

US Secretary Nisha Desai Biswal to visit 2 more Nations after 18th SAARC Summit

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal is scheduled to visit India and Bangladesh after attending the 18th SAARC Summit to be held in Nepal's Capital City Kathmandu, Nepal on November 26-27, 2014.

Nisha will participate in meetings with government officials, civil society and labour group leaders, and members of the business community in Bangladesh.

Apart from SAARC member countries visit, she will visit Uzbekistan, and Switzerland on trip from November 23-December 5, 2014 from Washington.

First, she will start travel from New Delhi, India for internal consultations and bilateral meetings and head towards Kathmandu as United States representative as an observer state at the 18th Annual South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Saarc) Summit.

Finally, Assistant Secretary Biswal will travel to Basel, Switzerland to participate in the OSCE Ministerial. She will hold meetings with senior leaders from the OSCE and Central Asian nations.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ministry of Home Affairs bringing all reserve police to Ktm for SAARC

To bolster security for 18th SAARC Summit in Kathmandu, the Ministry of Home Affairs of Nepal is bringing all reserve police personnel deployed in various part of the country to the Valley.

While some 700 police personnel have been moved to Kathmandu from various neighboring districts, including Kavrepalanchowk, Nuwakot, Dhading and Sindhupalchowk, nearly 300 personnel have brought here from the five regional police headquarters, according to the Home Ministry.

The trained police personnel will jointly participate in security rehearsals in Kathmandu starting Tuesday.
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Nepali Twitter Hits on 18th SAARC Summit

The most popular tweet about the upcoming SAARC Summit:

अँध्यारो हुन Dark हुनु पर्छ
अनि काठ्माण्ठै उज्यालो हुन SAARC सम्मेलन हुनपर्छ।
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