Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Did Modi And Sharif as Democrats Transcend Borders to Unite Against The Pak Army?

Modi won a landslide victory in the recently concluded elections in India. While that was a surprise, his invitations to all the SAARC heads of governments to grace his swearing in ceremony was a bigger surprise for one and all. Almost as an export, the surprise even landed in Pakistan.With the ball being unexpectedly thrown into their court by an uneasy neighbour, who was assumed not to follow 'love thy neighbour', unsure Pakistan was certainly in disarray.

Although, complete suddenness and 'go we lose not go we lose' situation made the political decision hard, not having a single power centre made it harder. Though external cause was blamed, a delayed yes from the army possibly delayed PM Sharif's yes. In addition, Pakistani brains airing venom against Modi in its TV, didn't make things easy.

Read more: http://womenspowerbook.org/articles/SAARC-Leaders-Meet-in-Delhi-Did-Modi-And-Sharif-as-Democrats-Transcend-Borders-to-Unite-Against-The-Pak-Army-unique-on-knowledge-powerful-empowering-power.htm

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